Winter Gift Box

Taste the love

Bring warmth and love to your family and friends this Winter
Baby, it’s cold outside!

Your loved ones will feel relaxed from head to toe as they sip on a mug of Treehouse Originals hot chocolate, munch on their favorite Aunt Cookie treats, and stay toasty with long-lasting hand warmers – perfect for a peaceful indulgence outside in the crisp winter air, or inside snuggled up by the fire.

Send it as a comforting winter care package or an inviting winter gift to anyone that deserves a delicious and restful surprise!

Winter Gift Box

Winter Gift Box

Our Winter Gift Box includes Treehouse Originals Hot Chocolate packets, long-lasting air-activated hand warmers, your choice of cookies, and white packing confetti for a complete winter experience that brings comfort and warmth to the soul!

Choose from 3 box sizes designed to fit your gift-giving needs (and your budget!):

  • Small Box ($34.95) = 2 cookie choices (1 lb. total) + 2 hot chocolate packets, 1 hand warmer.
  • Medium Box ($59.95) = 4 cookie choices (2 lbs. total) + 4 hot chocolate packets, 2 hand warmers.
  • Large Box ($99.95) = 8 cookie choices (4 lbs. total) + 6 hot chocolate packets, 4 hand warmers - great for the whole family to enjoy!
    Treehouse Originals is a small craft company out of Portland, Oregon that specializes in small-batch hot chocolate, plant-based oatmeals, and coconut creamers. Their Original Drinking Chocolate is 72% premium, organic Peruvian cacao that makes for a rich and decadent beverage. Their fans call it the “best hot chocolate ever invented” that easily beats out every other brand on the market. It’s sure to hit the spot, especially when paired with Aunt Cookie treats!

    All treats made by Aunt Cookie are made with pure, quality ingredients and baked fresh daily (no preservatives) to ensure your friends and family get the best cookies around! You can view the ingredients for each of our cookie flavors on our Cookie Ingredients List here. For nutrition information, you can check out our Cookie Nutrition Labels here.

    Hot Chocolate ingredients: Organic cacao beans, organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic non-fat dry milk powder*, organic cocoa powder (alkali), guar gum, carob bean gum, sea salt, organic vanilla extract.) *Contains: Dairy

    All cookies are made on shared equipment and surfaces; however, we thoroughly clean and sanitize every item between cookie flavors so you can enjoy our cookies with peace of mind. All ingredients are stored separately.

    If you have additional allergy-related questions, please call us at (609) 658-1990 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help you!

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    Only the best

    All Aunt Cookie treats are made with pure, quality ingredients and baked fresh daily (with no preservatives) to ensure your friends and family get the best cookies around!

    Earth-friendly packaging

    From the packing materials to the cellophane bags, and even the boxes themselves, everything we use in our packaging is thoughtfully chosen and fully recyclable.

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