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Meet the Woman Behind the Apron

Aunt Cookie, Taste the Love

About Arline Conigliaro

I’m an idealist who decided to spin a hobby, a creative experience and personal expression into a business. Welcome to my dream — a cookie business based on integrity, quality ingredients and time-tested recipes.

My love for baking started when I was 12, and my mother gave me free reign of the kitchen. My mother, who was a dedicated mom of four daughters and married to a “1960s” husband, went back to school full time to get her Master’s degree in education. In order to help my mom, I became involved in the daily routine in the kitchen, making meals for the family and baking for fun (my family does love their sweets!). I learned by watching, reading recipes and making mistakes along the way.

I discovered early on that the quality of ingredients made a big difference in the quality of the product. Growing up, I watched my grandmother bake. I chose to stand by her side and take the time to measure the ingredients she ‘threw’ together. There was never a written a recipe. She was the keeper of the recipe. What I recorded then on paper has evolved into the recipe I use today for the Toasted Almond Biscotti and the other variations I make of this time-honored treat. My grandmother, who lived through the Depression, called them Mandel Brot.

I realized later that her background explained a lot regarding her use and choice of ingredients. Time spent with her only deepened my love of baking. The Almond Biscotti I learned to make by her side has developed into my signature cookie. It’s versatile, delicious and invites anyone who samples it to Taste the Love.