Each cookie has a story

See how the cookies got their start

Cowgirl Cookies

This cookie was a favorite at one of my previous shops in Princeton, NJ. It's an oatmeal-inspired cookie with the fixin's for a cowgirl on the ranch (not that you'll see too many cowgirls in Princeton). It's chock full of oatmeal, chocolate and dried plums to make this a thick, moist, hit-the-tongue-in-every-area cookie.

Salted Chocolate Chunk

I think many people start baking cookies with the recipe on the back of the Toll House package of semi-sweet chocolate chips for their first experience in making the best chocolate chip cookie ever. That’s what I did. To make the mixing easier, I melted the butter before adding it to the batter! Not so smart! It was then I learned that baking is a chemistry and the need to respect that rule was then appreciated. Perfecting my recipe has taken many twists and turns over the past 50 years of baking resulting in this nut-free version of this fantastic classic.


This is my signature cookie that started my whole baking career. I learned this recipe hip to hip with my grandmother, watching her step-by-step instructions, and writing the measurements down on paper for the first time in our family’s history. Originally made with “Spry,” this cookie has evolved by replacing the Depression era ingredient with unsalted butter, adding an abundance of toasted almonds (and any other delicious ingredient I might choose to incorporate). Look for variations of this cookie year round in the Shop.

NYC Confetti

Bakeries in NYC! Oh my gosh! They feature monster black and white cookies and these rainbow-colored sprinkled cookies. That’s what I call eye candy! With many visits to New York City, I’ve searched and experimented with creating the adult version of this whimsical cookie. Here it is: A cream cheese and butter version made to tickle anyone’s fancy. It just melts in your mouth and is always enjoyed by kids of any age.

Pecan Sandies

Remember the sleeves of these cookies you ate as a kid? Melt in your mouth buttery good?  I’m not sure there was any butter in those cookies, but butter is the main ingredient in my Pecan Sandies! I wanted to make a cookie that gave me a "party in my mouth" feeling. These cookies DO melt in your mouth and the flavor of the toasted pecans just adds to the party.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk

I started loving these cookies when I figured out that they would be great sandwiched with Nutella or fresh peanut butter or, my personal favorite…ice cream! Didn’t we all start making some form of this cookie topped with a chocolate kiss? They were good, right? Well, bump it up and bring on the creativity with this version. Dip them in chocolate or sandwich them together with whatever you like. There’s no denying that these cookies make everyone happy.

Powdered Walnut Shortbread

Russian Tea Cakes, Nut Balls, Wedding Cake cookies, what’s not to love about them? My Powdered Walnut Shortbread has all the similarities of these cookies. I love the look of them with their powdered sugar coating and their textural flavors. I made this cookie as an homage to those traditional holiday treats so we can enjoy them year-round and not just for special occasions.


Who likes Gingersnaps? Not one of my favorites as a child, but the addition of chunks of crystallized ginger and Demerara sugar makes this a very fine cookie! I created this cookie while partnering in a gourmet delicatessen and bakery in Princeton, New Jersey, in the 1980s. Fine-tuning has made this cookie a favorite among many, including those who “don’t like” Gingersnaps!