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No successful project such as this can be accomplished working alone. I make outstanding baked goods, but it takes a lot more talent and knowledge to put together a website and a business like mine.

Gale and Arline

I want to take a moment to acknowledge my sources of inspiration, my computer gurus and my lifelines in helping to create this business. I consider them all friends; some of them new and some I’ve known since I was 12 years old. Lifelong learning and growth are of paramount importance to me. This business fills both of those categories.

Photography by Gale Zucker

Gale is an incredible photographer. We have been friends since we were 12 years old and she has been instrumental in creating the professionalism that is exhibited in this site. She tells a story through her work. She is responsible for all the photographs on this site. It’s through her talents that the essence of my brand is communicated. She can be reached at or

Branding and website design by Lindsie Bergevin Studios

Lindsie Bergevin

Lindsie and her team are the "brain" behind this site. Her depth of knowledge and ability to access resources has been a joy for me to witness and has had a direct impact on this project from start to finish. Her talent, patience, and keen listening skills allowed my vision to be turned into something of which I am very proud. She can be reached at A special shout out also goes to her assistant Leonor Gallegos who helped develop my lovely vintage-inspired branding.

Others who have helped


Others who have supported me throughout this journey in a variety of ways, whether that be editing, guidance with Instagram posts, computer back-ups, or any of the other idiosyncrasies that come along with building a successful and highly functioning site (in no particular order) are: Lilly Mavis, Lee Renner, Meredith LaLumia, and Roland J. Fields.

Last, and certainly not least, I want to recognize my wonderful husband, Iano. He is my bedrock. His support for me and belief in this enterprise makes him, hands-down my biggest cheerleader. Thank you Iano, for helping to make my dream come true.

Thank you all for visiting my site! I’m looking forward to helping you all Taste the Love!